Dr. Myra Waters, PhD, Psychologist

Practicing Since: 1995

Clients can expect a thorough assessment of relevant history and presenting concerns followed by collaborative decision-making about the focus and direction of treatment. Dr. Waters enjoys the application of Cognitive Behavioral and Psycho-dynamic principles to therapy while taking into account multicultural issues that may be relevant to a client. Dr. Waters is a warm and effective therapist who enjoys the infusion of humor into the therapeutic process.  

Dr. Waters received her graduate training at the University of Maryland College Park, Maryland (UMCP) earning a PhD in Counseling Psychology and her Master of Science Degree in Family and Community Development. She has served on the MD Board of Examiners of Psychologists from 2006-2014. 

Dr. Waters is a former Women’s Basketball player and coach (University of Maryland, College Park). She has been honored as an Atlantic Coast Conference Legend.  She enjoys travel, fitness/wellness activities, trying new healthy recipes, and fellowship. 

Dr. Waters is licensed in the state of Maryland #04010.

Client Thrive Program
Credentials Earned:

Engagement Badge
Awarded: 12/28/2022