Matthew “Matt” Ahn, Master’s Level Clinical Intern

Practicing Since: 2024

Matt Ahn is a counselor-in-training who is knowledgeable on clinical interventions based in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. In particular, he is well versed in mindfulness-based strategies, as well as tools for cognitive restructuring based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In delivery of therapeutic treatment, a personal emphasis of Matt’s is to ensure that clients can look at their experiences as opportunities for fostering growth.

Regarding the therapeutic process, Matt finds it can be a powerful experience when combined with an element of psychoeducation. As sessions continue, clients will learn skills that allow themselves to become more apt for the difficulties life may present. In terms of key components of this process, it is crucial that clients feel that they are free from a sense of judgment from their counselor and can have their honesty and openness met with the highest welcoming.

In terms of his professional accomplishments, Matt has worked as a case manager between his undergraduate and Master’s education. While there, he had served many populations with mental health conditions such as Bipolar I, Schizophrenia, and Major Depressive Disorder, and took on tasks such as improving coping skills, getting his clients access to services to aid in vocational functioning, as well assisting alongside medication management providers and housing assistance.

Ever since early childhood, music has always been a part of Matt’s life. In Matt’s spare time, he often writes music, plays the guitar, or participates in various vocal acapella groups. Matt also enjoys activities such as hiking and meditation.

Matthew Ahn is under the clinical supervision of Dr. Michelle Pearce, Ph.D. (License #: 05176).