Jenna Baldwin, LGPC

Practicing Since: 2019

Jenna endeavors to be very collaborative with clients. She is very person-centered and goal oriented. Jenna likes to make sure that clients feel that they are working together towards a common goal.

Her counseling philosophy is that everyone’s journey and experiences are different therefore she likes to mold the therapeutic process to the specific client’s needs. Mental health is an important component of optimal functioning therefore, meeting the client where they are at and working towards their goals is most important.

When she is not helping clients, she can be found spending time with her two dogs George and Grits. She loves to read mystery/suspense books as well as binge watching and talking about her favorite tv shows.

Jenna is licensed in the state of Maryland (LGP12895 & AC2929). She is under the clinical supervision of Patricia Itzel, LCSW-C (License (MD #13811).