Jane Spell, LCPC, NCC

Practicing Since: 2011

Jane firmly believes the longer she lives, the more she finds out how much she doesn’t know. Jane is much more comfortable with people who can say, “I don’t know.” She does not have all the answers, and she also welcomes your tough questions. Jane believes we can become “wounded healers,” i.e., to turn our tragedies into triumphs – to go from victim to victor.

Jane believes the following are her strengths: Empathy, Encouragement, Enthusiasm, Excitement, and Exuberance. Warm, welcoming, compassionate, accepting presence. Lovingkindness and supportive. Jane belives her clients should live life to the fullest and that therapy should bring clients to wholeness and wellness.

Some of Jane’s areas of interests include the following: Helping to prevent human trafficking, rescuing victims of trafficking, and providing after-care for victims of trafficking. International Justice Mission (IJM) is a wonderful resource and a passion of hers. Jane also enjoys helping to restore the human spirit, dignity, and pride; wherever there is any type of human rights violations, oppression, and captivity.

Jane is licensed in the state of Maryland #LC3896.