Gail Tucker, Master’s Level Clinical Intern

Practicing Since 2024
Gail comes to Safe Harbor as a Clinical Intern working towards her master’s degree in clinical Mental health Counseling. While working with her, it is her endeavor to offer a safe, open, warm, and caring atmosphere for clients. She realizes that we all have issues, concerns, or challenges that sometimes require a bit more than we can handle on our own and sometimes we need the support, encouragement, or assistance that someone else can offer. While each challenge may be different, there is no cookie-cutter “fix.” She sees each person as an individual and that may require her to consider strategies and techniques that may work best for the individual. It is her desire to work with each client to determine what will work best for the client.
Gail has three adult children. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, riding her bike, taking walks, and reading audio books. She also loves everything Wizard of Oz and figuring out brain teasers.

Gail is under the clinical supervision of Jackelyn Knight (#28114).