Dayshia Richmond, LGPC

Practicing Since: 2022

Dayshia is a great fit for clients looking for a calming, friendly, and nonjudgemental listening ear. Her clients learn how their past experiences affect their current mindsets and actions, how to communicate their needs effectively, and how to embrace their emotions as they display self-love. She takes into consideration her clients’ cultural background and acknowledge that therapy can be like walking into a dark room, but she and her clients can turn on the light together.

Dayshia has clinical experience working with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, self-esteem challenges, body dysmorphia, and a hard time adjusting to life’s challenging moments. Using evidence-based treatment modalities, she helps her clients explore their thought processes and emotions in order to engage in self-serving behaviors that align with their values.

She thoroughly enjoys working with clients during all stages of life because she does not believe that there are age limits on mental health. Everyone deserves to live an intentional life filled with happiness, self-care, and peace. Dayshia believes that she is in the driver’s seat and that her clients are riding shotgun while navigating which way to go. She loves helping clients on their journeys to heal and become their best selves, providing different concepts that they can use to better understand themselves and their experiences.

When not practicing, Dayshia enjoys spending time with her cat, watching anime, and reminiscing about warm days on the beach.

Dayshia is licensed in the state of Maryland (#LGP13703) and is under the clinical supervision of JaVon Townsend, LCSW-C (MD #18669).

Client Thrive Program
Credentials Earned:

Engagement Badge
Awarded: 3/6/2024

Connection Badge
Awarded: 4/4/2024

Collaboration Badge
Awarded: 5/16/2024