Brooke Aherne, LCPC

Practicing Since: 1995-1998, 2021

Brooke’s first priority when working with clients is creating a warm, inviting, and welcome space, a space where clients sense acceptance and comfort. A counseling relationship is like no other and can be daunting and uncertain at first. Brooke hopes to create a place and relationship within which clients feel safe to speak their truth.  

Brooke’s approach draws from several theoretical approaches: person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, gestalt, but definitely grounded in existential theory. Brooke approaches all her clients by encouraging emotional insight and self-awareness, while focusing on the present, promoting personal growth and balance, freedom, and self-direction. This takes individually tailored therapy and techniques to reach treatment goals.

Most of our neuroses, depression, anxiety, and all negative emotions and reactions get put into place by cognitive behavioral processes established by our family of origin or other influential relationships, life circumstances, and/or trauma. It is important to recognize these processes, reactions, and patterns and disrupt them, replace them, and fortify them with positive and functional cognitive behavioral patterns. Brooke strives to continually learn and educate herself in order to offer the most sound and well researched therapeutic services to all her clients.

Brooke’s philosophy towards helping people is to help them find meaning, purpose, and hope even in the face of difficult and overwhelming circumstances. Ultimately finding insight into exactly why a client is sitting in her office is the goal and it is never straight forward. Figuring this out takes a collaborative relationship. Brooke believes it is important to look at her client holistically and take into account a client’s physical, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional health. Brooke believes both she and her client is at work in this process and there is a mutual commitment towards positive progress and healing.  

Brooke is married and has 4 children. Brooke also has a second career as an interior designer and artist. She hopes to pursue education and training in art therapy to add to her therapeutic interventions. In her spare time, she enjoys creating, design, art, her pets, and her family.

Brooke is licensed in the state of Maryland (#LC14369).