Lynda Nywone, Master’s Level Clinical Intern

Practicing Since: 2017

Lynda enjoys getting to know her clients, assessing their needs, and helping them utilize their strengths to find various ways to support their growth. She supports her clients as they make decisions to improve their overall quality of life to bridge the gap in areas where help is needed.

Lynda believes good mental health is important and gives her clients space where they can address difficult topics that impact their lives.

From Nigeria, Lynda enjoys spending time with her family. She loves to travel, cook, and eat good food. She is always looking for a new place to venture off to and explore. Lynda has a 15-year-old son she adores and does most of her traveling with. She also enjoys catching a good movie.

Lynda is under the clinical supervision of Steve Osterhout, LCSW-C (MD 09238).