Kanten Wooten, Masters Level Intern

Practicing Since: 2022

Clients can expect a calm, comfortable and welcoming environment free from judgement and criticism when meeting with Kanten. He believes it is imperative that clients feel acceptance, empathic understanding, and unconditional positive regard.

Building rapport in essence is essential to developing a strong therapeutic relationship for clients to feel heard. Therefore, Kanten’s number one goal is to gain an understanding about the client and the goals they would like to accomplish. Kanten’s treatment modality is centered around Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Kanten believes that therapy should be a pleasant and beneficial experience for the client in which they have the autonomy to express thoughts and feelings whereby insight is gained leading to healthy positive change. As a counselor, Kanten’s goal is to be with clients to partner and journey alongside them to listen, help establish meaning, support progress toward treatment goals, personal growth, positive change, foster mental and emotional healing.

Kanten is an expected graduate with a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University. He is a certified Mediator and Life Coach. Kanten’s career experience also includes over 25 years’ experience in Human Resources.

Kanten is under the clinical supervision of Steven Andrus, LCPC (MD license #LC8047).