Dr. Virginia Colbert, Psychologist, PhD

Practicing Since: 1984

Because of Virginia’s familiarity with various interventions, she is able to craft an approach that addresses the unique needs of each of the youth, adults, and families she attempts to serve. Much of her focus is given to creating an environment of change where it is safe to “come as you are.” 

Dr. Colbert’s passion for understanding human behavior was seeded in her heart during her early adolescence. She pursued her passion with undergraduate and graduate studies in psychology at the University of Virginia. She believes that her desire to become a clinical/school psychologist was a part of the plan for her life. Dr. Colbert has studied, trained and practiced her skills in multiple clinical settings across the years. She is experienced in a variety of therapeutic interventions including cognitive­ behavioral, behavioral, play, psychodynamic, strategic, group and family. 

Dr. Colbert is licensed in Virginia #0813000347.